The first night

My first night went ok. I went to the first tree i saw and took it’s wood. I made a ¬†few things . I started a house, just as the sun was setting I heard a groan and I knew what it was . I quickly ran inside and built up a roof. I then realised one thing ,I had no torches. I quickly saw what I had but I had nothing I could use ,except ,what was that? I saw some stone, made a furnace and there was something. The material felt like wood. It was wood! I then made a torch!

5 thoughts on “The first night

  1. I’m guessing this was a Minecraft, first night survival! The short sentences you’ve used really build up the anticipation and the feelings of panic or worry that the character might be having.

    I’d love to find out how this story progresses and for the descriptions of the surroundings to become even more detailed. Well done!

  2. I really think that it feels like you are playing Minecraft while reading! Well done for that! I also like the use of small sentences to build up tension!
    I’m not too sure what you could even improve! I’ll reply back once I’ve thought.

  3. It’s cool I think it’s in minecraft because it sounds like it but I really like it you don’t need to change it in any way it’s a very nice story.

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