The ultimate adventures of nine tails

One day a beautiful Pokemon named nine tails was strolling in the woods of shalor. To give you an idea about nine tails he is soft and silky he is also very milky. Nine tails sniffed something out it was a piece of material. The material felt like a spikey very spikey metal. Guess what it was? A shalor gym badge and ash came in time to see the bage but nine tails was the one who found it. So what did nine tails get, he actually got his own trainer and nine tails lived another tale. Join in the fun on the adventures of nine tails.

14 thoughts on “The ultimate adventures of nine tails

  1. What a great story. You’ve used some lovely description in your writing and it sounds like your setting everyone up for further adventures of Nine Tails. Well done.

    Don’t forget to check your writing carefully to make sure you’ve included all the necessary punctuation. This will help with flow of your writing, especially from the readers perspective.

  2. Very nice Annie! I liked the badge thing, very creative indeed.
    I think try to add more adjectives if possible! I really enjoyed it!

  3. A great story! I can just imagine what the pokemon looked like . I think if you could maybe add some more information about the badge.

  4. Awesome story! it was really cool that you wrote a story about a pokemon. maybe add some fronted adverbials like jeeya said and maybe describe nine tails a bit more!

  5. Maybe describe the badge a bit more and I’d love to join the adventures of nine tales club can’t wait to hear the next piece of writing you do

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