The Escapist Tarantula

On a child’s birthday, he got his dream pet from his parents. A tarantula. “Wow Mum and Dad! Thank you so much!” He took the new arachnid upstairs to put him in his tank. But once the boy got up the stairs the tarantula curled into a ball and slit through the young child’s hand. “Come back……… Houdini! That’ll do as a name!” Houdini then flipped over the child’s grasping hands. Then Houdini ducked as a net swooped at him. “Mum! Houdini, my tarantula, just got under the newly laid carpet…” Then Mum ran upstairs, lifted the carpet…”Gotcha now Houdini!”

P.S That happened with my corn snake Shadow!

14 thoughts on “The Escapist Tarantula

  1. WOW good story i wish i could read made it so real i could imagine the characters amazing story WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW!!!😁
    Nice use of speech!
    Maybe you could add a description of the tarantula but if you added a description then it would be a lot more than 100 words.
    Good story!!!πŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. Love the idea of taking something what happened in real life and just tweak it a bit to make a 100 word challenge well you tried to make it pacy it was pacy but it had missing words which make it pacy

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