Roll up! Roll Up! Get your Fairground Posters…!

This term Year 5 have been learning all about fairgrounds. This focused learning has filtered into pretty much everything, including their reading, writing, topic, DT and computing work.

Here are some of the fabulous posters for ‘Zappo’s Fair’ that the children in Harris Hawks class have produced, using the ‘Pic Collage’ app on the iPad.

Looking at the posters, there’s definitely plenty of ‘pug love’ in Year 5, that’s for sure…!

Mr E.

4 thoughts on “Roll up! Roll Up! Get your Fairground Posters…!

  1. I showed all of them to my mum and dad they loved them so much they wanted to run and go to everyone’s houses saying great job really inspiring and cute pugs they totally want to go to zappos fair !!!!!!!

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