Roll up! Roll Up! Get your Fairground Posters…!

This term Year 5 have been learning all about fairgrounds. This focused learning has filtered into pretty much everything, including their reading, writing, topic, DT and computing work.

Here are some of the fabulous posters for ‘Zappo’s Fair’ that the children in Harris Hawks class have produced, using the ‘Pic Collage’ app on the iPad.

Looking at the posters, there’s definitely plenty of ‘pug love’ in Year 5, that’s for sure…!

Mr E.

Budding authors….

All of your published ‘Spider stories’ have been added to the 100 Word Challenge website, which hopefully will bring plenty comments from children around the world!

You still have time to finish your post and submit it for review. Deadline is Friday 21st October.

Don’t forget that in return you can also comment on the posts other children have written.

Here is the link to the list for everyone that has written a spider themed post:

Have fun commenting. Unfortunately any comments outside of our blog won’t count towards your ‘Top Commentator’ total…Theo, I’m mainly directing this at you!!

Mr E.

A comment a day…

Well done to everyone who completed their 100 Word Challenge post this week! You have written some amazing stories, and I am looking forward to commenting on them later.

(If you haven’t yet finished your post, you can still log on to complete it and submit it for review)

Please comment on your friends work as well – remember to explain what you enjoyed about the piece and ask questions to encourage further discussion. Don’t forget to be constructive when suggesting improvements or development points!

Mr E.

Year 5 awaits….!

Hello ‘Almost Year 5’s’…

Last Friday on transfer morning you got a taster of what being a Year 5 is all about. Mrs Bailey and I would love to hear what you are looking forward to most about becoming part of the Harris Hawk class and any particular challenges you are looking to overcome in the next year.

Leave a comment below – remember to keep yourself safe online and only use your first name.

Mr Evans & Mrs Bailey.