The Escapist Tarantula

On a child’s birthday, he got his dream pet from his parents. A tarantula. “Wow Mum and Dad! Thank you so much!” He took the new arachnid upstairs to put him in his tank. But once the boy got up the stairs the tarantula curled into a ball and slit through the young child’s hand. “Come back……… Houdini! That’ll do as a name!” Houdini then flipped over the child’s grasping hands. Then Houdini ducked as a net swooped at him. “Mum! Houdini, my tarantula, just got under the newly laid carpet…” Then Mum ran upstairs, lifted the carpet…”Gotcha now Houdini!”

P.S That happened with my corn snake Shadow!

The GIANT spider!

One day, Tom who was a boy who lived in a village went to the pet shop.He saw a spider that was scary,but he wanted it so he asked his parents to buy it for him.”can I please have that spider”!cried Tom.       “Yes” mutterd Toms mum.All of a sudden the spider hissed as loud as a firework,And it’s hairy legs grew as tall as a tree. And its furry body grew as big as a giant egg.Everybody ran out of the pet shop like a stampede of bulls.But Tom didn’t run he standed in front of the spider.but what would happen to Tom?

by Jeeya!

100 Word Challenge – #Week 7

Latest prompt

I just know that this prompt will produce some amazing writing! It is a photograph that may scare some!

2009_0117octdec0038Things to consider:

  • What is it?
  • What is it made of?
  • Where has it come from?
  • Where is it going?

Remember, your writing should be logical so don’t die at the end!

All entries need to be submitted for review by the end of the day on Friday 21st October.

Good luck!

Mr E.

A comment a day…

Well done to everyone who completed their 100 Word Challenge post this week! You have written some amazing stories, and I am looking forward to commenting on them later.

(If you haven’t yet finished your post, you can still log on to complete it and submit it for review)

Please comment on your friends work as well – remember to explain what you enjoyed about the piece and ask questions to encourage further discussion. Don’t forget to be constructive when suggesting improvements or development points!

Mr E.

The easiest wild battle

Theo and Nik the mightyena were on their way to Citigon gym. After walking 5 full miles,they stopped to have a drink. Theo put his hand down to lean on a rock. It had a material on it. The material felt like ursus hide but there were no ursuses in that region. Nik jerked up and ran off into the forest nearby. Theo followed. It was a new Pokemon! Nik used tackle and the new Pokemon tripped. The new Pokemon, Beranik, used Confusion. It missed. Then Beranik used bite. It hit. Nik ended it with a massive ending move, called knockout.

100 Word Challenge – #Week 6

This week’s 100 Word Challenge is to use part of a sentence in your 100 words. Remember, you must use it as it is written here and keep as near as you can to the magic 100 words! The prompt is:

…the material felt like..

Things to consider:

  • What is the object?
  • What sort of material was it made of?
  • What vocabulary helps describe touch?

Write your posts on our blog here by Thursday 13th October and we’ll post them to the 100WC blog in our computing lesson on Friday.

If you can’t remember the login for the blog, please come and find me!

Have fun!

Mr E.